Mediation & Arbitration Services: Pricing and Policies

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Mediation & Arbitration Services: Pricing and Policies


  • 2 party          $150.00 per party; per hour
  • 3 party          $125.00 per party; per hour
  • 4+ party        $100.00 per party; per hour
  • Pre/post Consultation & Document Review:  Hourly Rate


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  • Lunch, snacks and drinks are provided.
  • No Administrative Fee
  • Travel: No charge for travel within 30 miles of our office.
  • Minimum: There is a three (3) hour minimum charge for all mediations and arbitrations.
  • Cancellations: Stone & Sullivan requests that you provide us with notice of cancellations at least two business days prior to the scheduled date.
  • Split: All fees, expenses, costs and travel time will be split equally among all parties, unless otherwise agreed to in writing.
  • Terms: Payments are to be made within 30 days of invoice.
  • Contract: All parties and attorneys will sign a contract with Stone & Sullivan, LLC on the date of service. Invoices shall be paid by the attorney(s) if the party is represented by counsel. When a party is unrepresented, the party is expected to pay within the terms and may be required to pay an advance deposit.
  • Arbitration: Advance deposits are required for all arbitrations. All fees must be paid in full, by all parties, before an arbitration award will be published to any party.



We strive to provide our clients with professional legal services while at the same time providing the personal service not commonly associated with a law firm.

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