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mediation & arbitration savannah ga

  • Registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution
  • Civil Mediator
  • Domestic Mediator
  • Arbitrator

Stone & Sullivan, LLC offers alternative dispute resolution (ADR) services including mediation and arbitration.  Patricia P. Stone (Tricia) is registered with the Georgia Office of Dispute Resolution as a civil mediator, domestic mediator and arbitrator. Her extensive judicial and litigation experience, sensitivity, integrity and determination enable her to settle even the most complex disputes.

Tricia has successfully mediated a wide range of civil matters including personal injury, wrongful death, employment issues, medical malpractice, premises liability, construction, banking, corporate and contract disputes.  She also has expertise in all forms of domestic litigation involving divorce, child custody and child support. Her legal knowledge, personality and creative thinking allow her to effectively move adversaries past challenging obstacles and settle cases through the confidential ADR process.

Here at Stone & Sullivan, LLC, we respect the importance of your time and the value of a well-run, efficient ADR experience. Our easy-to-find downtown Savannah office is a comfortable, inviting space that puts all parties at ease for the challenging work of finding agreement on difficult issues.